Discogs Enhancer

Discogs Enhancer is a free, open source extension that adds extra features to both Discogs.com and Chrome.


Discogs Enhancer lets you block sellers, use a dark theme, see price comparisons, get buyer and seller feedback notifications, convert foreign currencies, search Discogs and other online record shops with any highlighted text, improve tracklist readability, customize lots of Marketplace aspects, and more!

Every feature is optional so you can choose only the features you want to use.

Feature highlights

Block Sellers

Tag or completely hide any seller in
the Marketplace.

Contextual Menu Searching

Search Discogs and other online shops instantly with any highlighted text!

Compare Suggested Prices

Compare the prices that Discogs suggests to the seller's listed price.

Dark Theme

Give discogs.com a dark look.
Great for late night digging.

Filter Marketplace Items

Automatically filter out any listing that's below a specified condition or that ships from any specified country!

See Release Durations

See total play times for any release that has track time information.

Tag Sellers By Reputation

Tag any Seller in the Marketplace who's reputation is below a percentage specified by you.

Notes Counter

Counts the characters for any "notes" field in your Collection so you’ll know when you're near the limit.

  • Block Buyer ShortcutsAdds a block button to the order invoice page which allows you to block the buyer directly.
  • Block SellersTag or completely remove any Seller in the Marketplace.
  • Confirm Before Removing ItemsAsks you to confirm that you want to remove an item from your Collection when clicking "Remove" on a Release page.
  • Contextual Menu OptionsSearch Discogs and a number of other record stores with any highlighted text.
  • Currency ConverterConvert between 13 different currencies (rates updated every two hours)
  • Dark ThemeGive Discogs a dark theme! (WCAG 2.0 AA compliant)
  • Dashboard LinkClicking the Discogs logo in the header takes you to your Dashboard.
  • Demand IndexThe Demand Index is the Have-to-Want ratio on a release converted into a percentage.
  • Editing NotepadA Notepad that you can type notes into while editing releases. These notes will be saved across different editing and browser sessions.
  • Everlasting Collection (Beta)Infinite scrolling on the collection page.
  • Everlasting Marketplace Scroll forever in the Marketplace! New page results are automatically added to the bottom of the page.
  • Favorite SellersAdds a small icon next to your favorite seller's names in the Marketplace.
  • Feedback NotificationsGet notified when new feedback is left on your Buyer and Seller profile!
  • Filter CountriesShow or hide any items in the Marketplace that ship from any country.
  • Filter Items By Media ConditionHide all releases that fall below a specified media condition in the Marketplace.
  • Filter Items By PriceHide all releases that are below a minimum value and/or above a maximum value.
  • Filter Items By Sleeve ConditionHide all releases that fall below a specified sleeve condition in the Marketplace. You can also optionally hide "Generic" and/or "No Cover" items.
  • Filter Unavailable ItemsHide items in the Marketplace if they are unavailable in your country.
  • Fix Blurry Gallery ImagesClears up some images on non-HD monitors.
  • Hide Min, Median, & Max ColumnsHide these columns in the Collection page.
  • Improved Collection UIRearrages the UI for a more streamlined approach.
  • Inventory RatingsMarks an item's rating in red if it is above the value set in the option when viewing a seller's inventory.
  • Inventory ScannerScans your Seller inventory and flags any items that are below the median Marketplace value.
  • Large B.A.O.I. FieldsMakes the Barcode And Other Identifier fields span the width of the form.
  • Large YouTube PlaylistsSee up to six videos in playlists at once.
  • Marketplace HighlightsColorizes the Media and Sleeve conditions.
  • Notes CounterTracks the character count in your collection's Notes fields.
  • Quick SearchSearch for releases on Google in a new tab by clicking the release's title.
  • Open Links In New TabsOpens links in new tabs throughout various configurable sections of Discogs.
  • Random Item ButtonSee a random item from you collection from any page.
  • Rating PercentageShows the release ratings expressed as a percentage.
  • Release DurationsSee the total playing time of a release (if track times are available)
  • Release ScannerScans a single page of releases and counts the number of comments on each release of any Artist or Label page.
  • Remove From Wantlist ShortcutsAdds a shortcut link to remove a release from your wantlist directly from the Marketplace when viewing "Items I want".
  • Shopping Spree ModeContinuously add items to your cart without leaving the Marketplace.
  • Show Actual DatesSee the actual date and time an item was added to your Collection or Wantlist.
  • Show Average PricesSee the average price paid on each Release page.
  • Show Relative Last Sold DatesSee the relative time an item was last sold on the Release page. e.g.: Last Sold: 3 months ago.
  • Show Sellers In CartAdds a shopping cart icon next to any seller's name in the Marketplace when you have items of theirs in your cart.
  • Sort ButtonsSort Marketplace and Explore filters alphabetically.
  • Sort By Total PriceSort each page of items by price (including shipping).
  • Suggested PricesCompare item prices to the prices Discogs suggests they sell for.
  • Tag Seller ReputationTag or filter any seller who falls below a specified percentage.
  • Text Format ShortcutsQuickly format text in comment boxes and in the Forums.
  • Tracklist ReadabilityInsert visual dividers between each Side, Disc, and Format of a release.
  • Tweak DiscriminatorsAllows you to change the way Artist/Label discriminators are displayed. (Discriminators are the numbers in parentheses that appear next to artists/labels that have duplicate names.)


Need help, have a question or a suggestion?
Feel free to email me: discogs.enhancer@gmail.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a FireFox version?

A: There are currently no plans for a FireFox version. I don't have the time or energy to support the project on two different browsers.

Q: Is there an Edge version?

A: No, but you can install Chrome extensions in Edge by following these instructions.

Q: Will this block sellers from showing up in my Wantlist Emails?

A: No. The Block Sellers feature only works when viewing the Marketplace on Discogs.com. The extension cannot block sellers in your Wantlist emails as those emails are sent to you directly from Discogs.

Q: I've installed Discogs Enhancer but I don't see it. Where is it?

A: If you've installed the extension and don't see it in the menu bar, click the small puzzle piece-shapped icon and you should see it there in the list. You can also pin it to the menu by following these instructions.

Q: Will you add my idea for a feature?

A: Maybe!

Q: Can you add a feature that will filter specific release formats?

A: I have considered this in the past but decided against it as the UX for this feature would be poor. Because the filtering works by simply hiding items from view on the page, if an uncommon release format was selected (e.g.: Reel-To-Reel) nearly every item on every page would be hidden and the end result would be a terrible user experience.